Kichijoji.rb #4

Wed, 10 Jun 2015 19:00 - 21:00 JST

PicoPico Cafe

Kichijoji Minami-Cho 1-11-2 Momiji-Building 8F, Musashino-shi, Tokyo, Japan


4th installment of the regular Ruby meetup in Kichijoji, don't miss it!

Coffee and soft drinks available (500 yen).

To propose a talk for this month's meetup, go to the Kichijoji.rb gitter page.


i3wm: it's all about the windows (@shioyama) (English + Japanese)

In this talk I'll introduce the i3 tiling window manager (i3wm). Unlike traditional window managers, which stack windows as overlapping objects in a way similar to a physical desktop, tiling window managers arrange the screen into non-overlapping frames (tiles). By limiting the default window arrangement to frames which fill the entire screen, tiling window managers make better use of screen space and make it easier to control the screen from the keyboard.

While there are many tiling window managers out there, i3wm stands out for its collection of powerful features. I'll explain the techniques that i3wm uses to arrange windows, workspaces and monitors and why I believe tiling window managers are a better match for developers than traditional desktop window managers.

Running Docker containers with Ruby (@mcfiredrill) (English)

While Docker is gaining traction as a means for repeatable and reliable deployment, it has many other possibilities if you consider the use of its powerful API. I wanted to create a web app where I give each user a fully functioning environment using containers. In this talk you will learn how to boot and manage Docker containers using Ruby.

Intro to consul-template (@essa) (Japanese)

I will introduce the features of consul-template using examples with haproxy + nginx.

Report on RedDot Ruby Conf 2015

Participants to this year's RedDot Ruby Conference in Singapore will report on the presentations there and what they learned.

Photo by yukio terasawa, cropped to fit.

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